FIE Satellites (Senior)

updated 13.9.2019

Satellite competitions were introduced to the FIE calendar to develop fencing in specific geographic regions. Results at satellites are also awarded points for the official FIE ranking. A full list of the FIE Satellite events is available on


Entries for 2019-2020 will open on the 1st August 2019 alongside FIE licence applications.

Entry to FIE Satellite competitions are governed by the conditions of the particular competition and/or FIE regulations and any fencer must meet any such conditions/regulation to be considered for selection including holding an FIE licence.

Athletes wishing to be entered for an FIE Satellite should log into their membership profile at, click on the Events tab on the left then find the event and proceed to entry.  GBR entries are on a first come, first served basis, as there are currently no British Fencing selection criteria for entry.  Athletes must have competed in the Senior National Championships. There is a £10 administration fee.  This is separate to the entry fee for the event.  You must pay the competition entry fee at the event.

Entries should be submitted on the sport80 portal no later than 12 working days prior to the event.

Late entries will be accepted only on the condition that if the entry increases the referee requirement the late entrant (fencer) must source and fund 100% of any additional referee required as per the FIE/EFC competition regulations or pay the referee fine.  Late entries are at the FIE’s discretion and a fine of €150 will be charged by the FIE, alongside a fine of £50 charged by BF – the fencer wanting the late entry will still be responsible for the payment of the fine and resourcing any associated refereeing requirement/referee fine.

Fencers should only book their flights and accommodation once they have received confirmation of their entry.

To order your FIE licence log into your membership portal at then click on the licence tab on the left.

Referee Requirements

The number of FIE A or B Grade referees that must accompany teams to junior World Cup competitions and satellite competitions is:

1–4 fencers: No obligation to provide a referee
5–9 fencers: One referee
10 or more fencers: Two referees
1 Junior Team: One referee

For junior World Cup competitions and satellite competitions, the name(s) of the referee(s) (who must have an FIE category in the weapon of the competition for which they are entered) must be notified via the FIE website 7 days before the competition (midnight, Lausanne time).

The athlete that is entered in spaces 5, 10, 16 (and so on) will be assigned the primary responsibility for sourcing the referee for the event and a notification will go out to all athletes entered explaining the need for an additional referee and identifying the person responsible.  If you are the 5th or 10th person to enter on the sport80 platform you will be prompted to contact  You will then be asked to confirm your agreement to being responsible for sourcing the referee for the event.  Once you have agreed we will reopen the system for you to put in your entry.

All fencers are expected to check online FIE or EFC entry lists as the event approaches and actively liaise with the other team members with regards to arranging referees.  Failure to engage in the process to discuss sourcing referees does not mean that you are not liable for costs.  Any athlete that withdraws once a requirement for a referee is identified is still responsible for their share of refereeing costs.

The FIE fine is currently €1000 if the referee requirements are not met.

Fencers should regularly check the entries on the FIE website here:



The FIE will fine any athlete that fails to notify them of withdrawal or fails to provide sufficient and adequate information for the withdrawal.

Withdrawal from the event will incur a fine if past the entry deadline and the fencer will be responsible for the full amount of the fine.  Withdrawals from events must be requested via email to at least 3 working days prior to the entry deadline to ensure this deadline is met.  No refund of administration charges will be due.

There are exceptions for medical reasons.  Athletes withdrawing for medical reasons should complete a Medical Form and email it to  Please complete carefully and in full.  Athletes will be solely liable for any FIE fines incurred.



Athletes must ensure that the coaches that accompany them are on the BF Coaches Register, or the equivalent Federation Coaching Register if you are supported by a coach that is not based in the UK. If the coach is providing lessons, the coach must have a Level 2 qualification or above. Please note that the BF Codes of Conduct and the GBR Coaches Policy applies to all coaches.


National Logo

From September 2019, the FIE has introduced a new rule that all athletes competing in FIE Satellites are required to display the National Logos (ie the GBR patch).


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