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We recommend that you save accessible online/scanned versions of documentation as well as hard copy print-outs unless otherwise indicated.

  • Passport (check expiry date, some countries require 6 months validity on date of return)
  • Current GHIC/EHIC card (see here)
  • Visa (if required, note new limits on travelling in EU)
  • Entry and exit forms (eg Passenger locator forms, these need to be completed within certain timeframes)
  • Global DRO certificates for all medication you are travelling with (see here)
  • Batch test information for any supplements (see here)
  • TUEs if required for listed medication (see here, note that not all athletes will be able to/are required to apply for TUEs in advance so then must be prepared to provide retrospective information as listed)
  • Current BF/FIE/EFC license as applicable (see here)
  • If U18 and attending an FIE event – in loco parentis form signed  X2
  • Flight details/Boarding pass
  • Address of Hotel
  • Address of Venue
  • Entry Fee (cash, in euros, in an envelope, marked with your name)
  • Organiser Referee Fines/Levies (if required. BF will arrange for payment of any referee fines due for nominated events, athletes must manage/coordinate requirements for non-nominated events.)
  • Travel Insurance details (with hard copy of emergency call numbers )
  • Online access to EFC/FIE Rules  – EFC Cadet Circuit Rules, FIE Rules, FIE Equipment (do not print, there is a lot of information!)


Packing list

Please name all your kit clearly.

Hand Luggage (in case luggage is delayed or lost)

  • Mask (FIE 1600 Newton mask, two approved systems of fastening, in good condition and fitting securely. On ‘contour’ masks a separate safety back strap is compulsory)
  • Glove (FIE for sabre)
  • Fencing Socks
  • Jacket, plastron, breeches (all FIE 800 Newton)
  • A spare handle
  • Medication (with prescriptions if required – note that some medication prescribed in the UK is illegal to possess in certain countries please check before travel).
  • Re-useable Water Bottle/Coffee Cup
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Face Masks – recommended for travelling athletes, 5-7 layers eg AB Mask Plus, FFP2  or N95.

(Please check cabin sizes for hand luggage. We also recommend wearing trainers that you can fence in, or pack your fencing shoes in your hand luggage)


Fencing Bag

  • Fencing shoes (or wear to travel)
  • Lame Jacket (foil & sabre) – a spare is advisable.
  • If you have a Leon Paul exchange mask a spare bib is advisable.
  • Minimum of 3 (FIE) blades – check dates carefully if using Leon Paul V epee blades (08/2012-06/2015 are banned). Maraging steel blades must be used. In the case of sabre, blades stamped ‘M’ are permitted until September 2022, thereafter blades must carry the full FIE marking.
  • Fencing socks
  • Minimum 3 Body wires with transparent connecting plugs (at both ends)
  • Minimum 2 Head wires (foil, sabre)
  • Chest guard – at foil (men’s and women’s) these must be covered with an FIE approved soft layer (and be worn under your plastron)
  • Tracksuit
  • Personal Clothes (eg spare t-shirts, underwear, night wear)
  • Wash Bag
  • Snack bars, dried food, tea bags, instant coffee, sweets
  • Tool box*

All kit should be checked ready for Weapon Check. Name all your kit (surname, GBR) as it may need to be submitted in one bag with other fencers kit and can sometimes get mixed up in Weapon Check. Also watch the FIE Guide to Weapon Check.

Rules around kit vary depending on competition. For EFC/FIE requirements – see here. Name, country code and National Logo on kit required for FIE events.

How to pack a Fencing bag.


*Tool box

These items should not travel in your hand luggage or they may be confiscated

  • Appropriate weight for weapon (eg Foil 500g, Epee 750g, sabre
  • Test box
  • Spare grub screw (pack of 10 advisable)
  • Grub screw screwdrivers
  • An Allen key
  • Spare tips (pack of 6 advisable)
  • Weight  and travel Springs (Pack of 6 advisable)
  • Inside guard socket spares (2 complete spares advisable)
  • Tape – cloth tape and tip tape
  • Gauges



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