(Draft Published 9/12/2019)

The Senior Weapon Manager will work within the Athlete Development Programme (ADP) team to provide essential logistic and administrative support for senior athletes wishing to represent GBR at senior international level.

The Senior Weapon Manager provides a link between the Athlete Development Programme (responsible for supporting athletes on a performance pathway to from Cadet and Junior to Senior World and Olympic success), independent senior selection (overseen by the International Senior Management Group) and the wider group of Senior athletes representing GBR at Satellite, World Cup and Grand Prix level.


Athletes Communication & Support

  • Responsible for making and maintaining contact with athletes eligible for selection for senior international squads and helping them navigate the BF policies and procedures regarding participation in GBR representational events
  • Act as a central point of contact for athletes and coaches within their discipline answering enquiries regarding selection, rules, rankings and other matters related to Senior international squads
  • Facilitate engagement of Senior international squad athletes in ADP activities, under the guidance of the ADP Weapon Lead Coach(es)
  • Provide a consistent approach to communicating expectations and encouraging professional behaviours and a supportive team ethos as set out by the Olympic Team Manager and the ADP.
  • Act as an additional two-way communication channel between athletes and ADP to ensure that issues are appropriately escalated and resolved.



  • Support the creation of ADP Coach-led programme of Senior international weapon squad activity (training and competition).
  • Support the Lead ADP Coaches in identifying opportunities to maximise efficiencies and opportunities between age groups and weapons, taking into account athlete views.
  • Led by the Lead ADP Coaches and the needs of the athletes, co-ordinate, administrate and manage the delivery of additional training opportunities and camps for GBR Senior weapon squads.


International competition

  • As requested by Olympic Team Manager, ADP Lead Coaches or the selected athletes, help to facilitate and coordinate logistics for Senior Satellite, Grand Prix and World Cup where GBR are sending a squad. Understanding there is no financial support for this but sometimes athletes find it beneficial to travel and stay as a team.
  • Remind athletes of selection dates, selection processes, keeping up to date with the intention of athletes to compete in individuals and teams events, identifying and escalating any issues affecting participation (particularly in team events).
  • In collaboration with the ADP and personal coaches, communicate other suitable senior international competitions for development outside of the FIE calendar (i.e. foreign domestic competitions)
  • Support the BF Security Policy for International Competitions and Training Camps (here) to take all reasonable steps to ensure the well-being, safety and welfare of athletes i.e. notify FCO of GBR travel to area and send out FCO notices, encourage sensible decision making around travel and hotel.


Senior GBR Selections

  • Facilitate the provision of information to the Senior Selection Panel
  • Provide an appropriate level of check and challenge to any panel discussions.
  • Educate the Senior athletes with regards to the selection process including ensuring they are aware how to apply for Discretionary places and how to accept selections.

The Weapon Manager may in addition be appointed to act as Chair of the Senior Selection Panel – see Roles & Responsibilities here.



Where opportunities exists and working with their individual strengths, the Weapon Managers *may* support the BF objective to secure additional funding for GBR squads.

Prior to seeking funding, any initiative must be agreed with the ADP (including the Olympic Team Manager) to ensure that any proposals are in line with the delivery plans of the ADP, make best use of available resources and provide an appropriate opportunity to as many GBR athletes as possible.

Where funding is secured for GBR Senior squads and/or specific team events the Weapon Managers will need to work within BF finance policies.



ADP = Athlete Development Programme

BF = British Fencing

Major Events = Senior European Championships, Senior World Championships, Olympics Games

ISMG = International Senior Management Group



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