Frejus Satellite Event Administration

Information for Athletes, Coaches and Parents

Last updated: 01.05.2022

Please read the announcement on 8th March for additional context.

29th April – 1st May Frejus Satellite – (Invitation here). Closing date for entries has passed. The following athletes have been entered:

  • Susanne Seddon-Cowell (WF-A, WS-A)
  • Emily Holder (WF-A, WE-A)
  • Abigail Marshall (WF-A, WE-A)
  • Justine Moore (WF-B, WE-B)
  • Oliver Lam Watson (MF-A, ME-A) *
  • Dmitry Coutya (MF-B, ME-B) *
  • Shah Rashid (ME-B,  MS-B) *
  • Piers Gilliver (ME-A, MS-A) *
  • Henry Patient (ME-A, MS-A)

*nominated WCP athletes.

BF have paid the IWAS registration fees for all athletes. There are no charges for officials.

Non WCP nominated athletes should make their own accommodation arrangements and pay directly. For this event BF will cover the cost of the IWAS registration fees for non WCP athletes. (There is no mention of an additional entry fee on the invitation).

For general information and reminders please read this.

All relevant BF policies apply and by accepting selection/entry athletes (and their parents/carers/coaches) are automatically agreeing to these policies which are available on the BF website here.




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