Washington DC World Cup Para Event Administration

Information for Athletes, Coaches and Parents

Last updated: 24.11.2022

Please read the announcement on 8th March for additional context.

14th-17th January 2023 – BF Closing date: 1st December 2022. The EIS WCP and BF will be supporting a squad to this event. Athletes must complete the form here by the closing date (unless they are being nominated by the WCP).

BF will source referees and any associated costs will be split equally between all the athletes attending.

Additional BF officials may be attending to support athletes who are not being supported directly by the WCP. There may be additional costs associated with this and these will be confirmed once we have received entry numbers.

Please note everyone attending the competition must register through BF – including all attending parents and coaches. Other than the officially appointed WCP coaches, athletes (or their parents) are responsible for confirming who is travelling as a personal coach. Personal coaches are expected to operate under the guidance of the WCP coaches and any BF officials attending and BF Codes of Conduct apply.

As we are still consulting on selection standards for World Cups, BF will allow non-WCP athletes to enter, subject to minimum performance standards and eligibility check which will include confirmation that they have the experience to travel and compete on a personal basis (e.g previous attendance at a World Cup or Satellite).

BF will be organising payment of all registration and entry fees. Athletes not nominated by the WCP will be sent an email by [email protected] with the total amount due and details of how to pay.

It is expected that accommodation arrangements should be made directly with the organisers (either by individual athletes or by the WCP). This will be confirmed once the invitation is published.

Please click here for the invitation to the competition. Please note that whilst the IWAS published closing date is 25th October 2022, the BF closing date for entries is 1st December 2022.

Non-WCP athletes should not book travel/accommodation until it has been confirmed that they meet the minimum performance standards and eligibility check. This process will be triggered by completing the form here.

Additional information including Entry Forms, Information Packages & Classification Applications can be found by clicking here.

For general information and reminders please read this.

All relevant BF policies apply and by accepting selection/entry athletes (and their parents/carers/coaches) are automatically agreeing to these policies which are available on the BF website here.


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