Referee Education and Resources

British Fencing is responsible for the Refereeing Syllabus in the UK. The responsibility for running referee courses in the UK is shared between BF and the Home Country Associations.

Referee Qualifications

There are 4 levels of refereeing summarised as follows:

  • Level 1 (Club refereeing), information on the level 1 introduction to refereeing seminar can be found here 
  • Level 2  (Local Competition), information on the level 2 regional referee assessment and mentoring process can be found here 
  • Information on the Level 1 and 2 referee qualification processes can be found here
  • Level 3 (National Competition, Pathway level and International EFC competitions). Information on the Level 3 process can be found here.
  • Level 4 & FIE  (National Competition and FIE Satellite, Junior World Cup and Grand Prix competitions). Information on the Level 4 exam process can be found here

Domestic wheelchair refereeing has recently been added as an to the level 1 and 2 referee courses, further information can be found here  

Referee Courses and Exams



Referee Register

British Fencing is also responsible for maintaining the register of active Referees and their qualifications. You can find the latest referee register and how to become a registered referee here.

Referee Resources

There are also some helpful tools and resources for referees:

      (updated 23.09.2019)



Online Video Resources

You can also watch as many international refereeing video clips as possible


Or participate, review or upload contentious matches on the following sites;




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