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The BF Coach Register is moving towards a new online system. Coaches will undergo a transition period while the new Coach Register is put in place. The new system will have search filters and other additional features.

BF is in the final stages of developing a more functional Coach Register that will bring more visibility to accredited coaches and improve the management of submitted documents.

The legacy system (still operating until early 2021) meant coaches had to send in original documents and certificates to BF for approval by post, await the return of those documents by post and receive confirmation of approval. There was then a further period before the coach would appear on the register as it is periodically, manually updated.

The new system will simplify renewal processes and allow live updates by drawing relevant data directly from Sport80, BF’s membership platform. It will be up to the individual coach to take responsibility for maintaining their profile and professional standards. Overall, registered coaches will have a more efficient experience and benefit from newly added functions.

The new Coach Register will appear on the BF website and will list the profiles of coaches that are up to date with the minimum requirements (click here to know more about these requirements). The list of profiles can be refined with search filters to help users locate a coach by name, postcode and county.

It is fundamental that all relevant certificates are up to date and uploaded to the coach’s Sport80 personal account. Where one of the certificates is missing, the Coach Profile will not appear on the new Coach Register. To learn how to upload certificates, please watch this short video. Coaches will only appear on the list if they have allowed this via their Sport80 profile.

One exciting new feature of the new system is the Coach CV, which allows coaches to tell more about their qualifications and present a coaching philosophy in their own words. When a viewer clicks on a Coach Profile in the main list, it will link to a dedicated URL that will display info from the Coach CV. This is a powerful way to promote credentials, create identification with new participants, and attract the attention of employers. Coaches will also choose to display whether they are a Community, Development or Performance coach.

If you are looking to engage the services of a Coach, please read this important notice here

When opting to appear on the new Coach Register via Sport80, coaches can also choose to display their contact details and share their prices for private and group sessions. This info will then also appear on the individual URL for each coach.

A transition period will commence after the new Coach Register is launched in the upcoming weeks. In this period, we ask registered coaches to make the relevant adaptations and get in touch with the BF team for any questions. Further information and a full FAQ will be provided shortly. We anticipate the transition will be complete by early 2021.

The Coach Register is an important tool for employers and fencing participants to check if a coach meets high professional standards. To become a registered coach, read more about the minimum requirements here. Any questions can be sent to [email protected]

If you are looking to engage the services of a Coach, please read this important notice here.

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