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BF is excited to announce a new, online way to qualify as a Core Coach. Core Coach training is our most popular course as there is a demand for ‘have-a-go’ fencing that many organisations want to cater for.

Previously, BF offered two delivery methods that were both face-to-face; a 1-day course (for those with prior learning i.e. Scouts and qualified teachers) and a 2-day course (mostly serving activity providers).

Please also visit our coaching framework section to see where this course sits within our coach education offerings. This is predominantly aimed at a community fencing coach who has not any prior fencing qualifications.

The new format is in three stages with 75% of the course delivered online utilising peer-to-peer distanced learning, making it convenient for delegates to complete. The course is designed so individuals can work at their own pace. BF provides valuable input and feedback at each of the three stages as explained below:



This stage can be completed as a stand-alone course. It is ideal for learners who are curious to know a little bit more about coaching fencing. Stage 1 is also suitable for people who want to become confident and competent in using the free Explore Fencing App.

This stage is about your how skills and is the first step into the full Core Coach course content.

Course Price:  £20  



        • Understand the role of the coach and your coaching philosophy.
        • Understand the BF coaching framework.
        • Preferential rates on equipment: delegates will receive special rates on equipment (foam and plastic) for 12 months after the course.
        • At the end of Stage 1, you are ready for Stage 2.




Gain access to the technical content, take it away and learn as delegates. Use the course content and technical videos as your guide. This section is all about your what skills and should be viewed as 1 day of learning or 8 hours contact time with the other course delegates to go through the online course and practice technical content together.



      • At the end of Stage 2, you should be competent to demonstrate the fencing actions shown within the course videos.
      • You will have access to the technical content to go back and refer to. When you are ready, you will submit an example of your coaching, along with two lesson plans via your learning area dashboard.
      • At the end of Stage 2, you will have completed 75% of Core Coach and you are ready for Stage 3.





After Stage 1 and Stage 2 are successfully completed, BF, in connection with your course organiser will compile a register and select a date for your face-to-face assessment. The assessment stage lasts up to four hours and requires delegates to deliver 10 minutes of their technical or tactical plans. Lastly, a random activity will be selected for you from the course syllabus by your BF Coach Developer and you will deliver a 10 minute lesson segment.



      • All delegates will receive feedback on their submissions.
      • Successful candidates who pass are provided with a Core Coach certificate.
      • 3-4 hours of practical fencing, feedback from expert Coach Developers and more chance to develop your own fencing skills.


Please visit this webpage to learn more about what a qualified Core Coach can deliver:


Interested in the online Core Coach course? Please click below to watch our testimonial video and request an information pack from us.




This course is aimed at schools and organisations where staff have prior learning and/or confidence in being able to do remote learning. Experience in delivering and communicating to groups is a pre-requisite. You need to be 18 years of age to complete any of our coach education and further terms and conditions can be found on our booking forms. By completing the booking form for the course you confirm you fall within this eligibility criteria.  


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