14/04/2021- Covid 19

Outdoor Fencing – Important Safety Announcement

The BF Committee reiterates the need for members, clubs and coaches to follow the BF Safety Guidelines when running organised fencing outdoors.

Many of you may be fencing outside due to COVID restrictions.

Because of the cold weather you may be tempted to spar wearing a track suit top, hoodie, fleece or other garment.

Remember, when sparring track suit tops, fleeces etc. and especially hoodies must NOT be worn on top of your fencing jacket as these can cause your opponent’s blade to snag and break, possibly causing injury.

Fencer’s clothing must always comply with the BF clothing rules that can be found on this website as Appendix 1 to the BF Safety Guidelines.

More particularly when sparring nothing should be worn on top of the specified full protective clothing – jacket, breeches, mask etc.

This also applies to anyone giving  lessons – extra insulation needs to be worn under the protective clothing, not on top.

BF Safety Committee


During this time we will continue to update our COVID-19 advice here, with dedicated pages for clubs and coaches.

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