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Pathway & Performance Training

The UK Sports Institute World Class Program (WCP) runs an established centralised program for full time athletes based at the University of Bath, together with a number of training camps and activities for non-centralised nominated WCP fencers.

As the WCP expands, the intention is for the BF Athlete Development Programme (ADP) to work with the UKSI to facilitate the inclusion of invited non WCP athletes in specific preparation camps where appropriate rather than host separate camps.

The Wheelchair ADP experience

From July 2023 the ADP has integrated wheelchair fencing into its camps, allowing wheelchair fencers to train alongside the current cohort of standing fencers and benefit from the support and expertise of British Fencing coaches and staff. This provision will continue and expand as the sport grows to provide quality training to supplement the work fencers are already doing at their clubs. Those fencers who show consistent engagement with the ADP throughout the season will have access to British Fencing GB tracksuits and clothing.

There are currently no entry requirements to attend a wheelchair ADP camp, and personal coaches are welcome to attend and to observe training and support their fencers; if you have questions about the suitability of these camps, either for yourself or your fencers, or wish to attend as a personal coach please email [email protected].

When is the next camp?

The next ADP camp will be held in Nottingham from 28th-30th December 2023. Details of the camp are HERE and invites will go out soon through Sport80.

Community/Come and Try Training Sessions

British Fencing will be working with clubs and regions to host ‘come and try’ opportunities for people with disabilities to experience wheelchair fencing.  These experiences will not be limited to those disability categories that fall under Paralympic fencing and BF will be working to create a network of clubs to signpost participants to. If you are interested in introducing wheelchair fencing into your club, or helping to run ‘come and try’ experiences please contact us by completing this form.

If you are looking to find a Club that is wheelchair accessible and currently open to providing seated fencing opportunities you can find our current list by following this link – 

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Last updated 12/09/2023


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