Please contact the appropriate BF member of staff for an expenses claim form.

Expenses Claim Policy – 13.09.2022

Expenses Claim Form – 10.10.2022

FIE/IWAS Referees refereeing at FIE/IWAS events for which an FIE/IWAS qualification is a requirement are entitled to invoice BF for the day rate of £80 for each day of competition that their refereeing services are required. For more details click here.

Update 21.06.2022 – The Board has temporarily increased the mileage rate to 35p per mile effective immediately (40p per mile for 1 additional passenger, 45p for 2 or more additional passengers)


BF does not pay subsistence allowances/scale rates (previously ‘per diems’). All subsistence claims (including those for GBR Volunteer Officials at EFC and JWC events) must have associated receipts for all expenditure.

Maximum claims:

  • £40.00 in any 24-hour period
  • If room rates or flights include meals (or subsistence is provided by the organisers of an event), then any claim for subsistence should be reduced by £10 per meal provided.

BF will increase the maximum claims where appropriate when travelling to countries where the limit would be unreasonable (eg Luxembourg, Switzerland). This must be agreed with a responsible staff member prior to departure.



Expenses Policy Addendum for Officials (EFC & JWCs) 01.05.2019

GBR Referee Fees Policy (for FIE referees) 21.09.2018



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