FIE/EFC/IWAS Referee Payment Policy

Last updated: 05.09.2022

Eligible (scroll down for eligibility requirements) FIE/IWAS Referees refereeing at events for BF for which an FIE/IWAS qualification is a requirement are entitled to charge a fee based on the FIE day rate (per diem) up to £80 for each day that their refereeing services are required.

This is in addition to their subsistence expenses which must be in accordance with the BF Expenses Policy.

Eligible EFC C Grade Referees (or above) refereeing at EFC Circuit Events are entitled to charge a fee of up to £50 for each day that their refereeing services are required.

Referees who choose to charge fees must declare this income and are liable for all taxes. Rates include VAT.



BF will pay referees on submission of an invoice. Invoices must be submitted within 3 weeks of the event. The total amount (including VAT) must not exceed £80/£50 per day of refereeing. Payment terms are 30 days from the date a valid invoice is received by BF.

IWAS/FIE/EFC Referees (whether charging for their services or not) may expense subsistence (food and drink) up to £35 per day according to the BF Expenses Policy (NB Where a meal is provided this maximum claim drops in accordance with HMRC guidelines). Receipts are required for all claims.  More details here.

Referees are responsible for declaring this as appropriate to HMRC. Attention is drawn to allowances here.



To be eligible to invoice BF for fees, referees must

  • Have the appropriate refereeing qualifications at the relevant weapon.
  • Officiate at a minimum of 3 BF competitions in the UK within the previous 12 months (the list of which is within the FIE Referee Agreement below). Exceptions apply for season 21-22 where intention to referee in 3 events from Sep-May will be accepted
  • Resubmit the following completed forms below prior to the beginning of each new season to: [email protected].

Full Time Student Declaration or

Template Self-Employment Declaration

Please note that all referees appointed to referee for BF at international events are expected to have up to date Criminal Record Checks, Safeguarding & Protecting Children training and UK Anti Doping training.


BF Competitions

  • BF run BRC ‘A’ Events
  • BYCs
  • U17 & U20 British Championships
  • Senior Individual British Championships
  • British Schools Championships
  • Eden Cup/EFC U23 Senior Foil (counts as 1)



FIE Referee Agreement – 09.09.2019

Self-Employment Declaration -09.09.2019

Full- Time Student Declaration – 09.09.2019




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