FIE Referee Per Diem Policy

Eligible FIE Referees refereeing at events for which an FIE qualification is a requirement are entitled to be be paid a small fee based on the FIE day rate (per diem) of £80 for each day that their refereeing services are required. This is instead of a subsistence allowance. Referees who choose to charge this must declare this income and are liable for all taxes,


The FIE tendering process explains how paid opportunities can be applied for -08.08.2018

To be eligible to charge a per diem referees must

  • officiate at a minimum of 3 BF competitions in the UK (the list of which is within the FIE Referee Agreement below)
  • resubmit the completed forms below prior to the beginning of each new season to:

FIE Referee Agreement – 09.09.2019

Self-Employment Declaration -09.09.2019

Full- Time Student Declaration – 09.09.2019

GBR Referees at JWC events that do not wish to claim a per diem are entitled to claim a subsistence allowance. For more details about the GBR Referee Fee policy statement  and the generic BF expenses policy please click here.


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