Women’s Epee Ranking Archive

Please note that during busy competition and selection periods (primarily cadets and juniors) there are frequent updates to the rankings. The most up to date rankings for epee will be published www.francisfencing.org.uk.



Junior Rankings



Helen McNab

8th October 2019 Rankings
September 2019 Rankings
August 2019 Rankings
July 2019 Rankings – amended 8.7.19
June 2019 Rankings
May 2019 Rankings
April 2019 Rankings
March 2019 Rankings – Amended 6th March 2019
February 2019 Rankings – updated 10th February 2019
January 2019 Rankings
December 2018 Rankings
November 2018 Rankings
October 2018 Rankings
September 2018 Rankings
August 2018 WE Rankings
July 2018 WE Rankings
June 2018 WE Ranking Amended 8.6.18
May 2018 WE Rankings – Amended 8.5.18
April 2018 WE Rankings
March 2018 WE Rankings
February 2018 WE Rankings
January 2018 WE Rankings
December 2017 WE Rankings – updated 7.12.17
November 2017 WE Rankings
October 2017 WE Rankings
September 2017 WE Rankings – Amended 11.09.17
August 2017 WE Rankings
July 2017 WE Rankings
June 2017 WE Rankings – (amended 12.06.17)
May 2017 WE Rankings – Amended 4.5.17
April 2017 WE Rankings – Amended 11.4.17
March 2017 WE Rankings
February 2017 WE Rankings
January 2017 WE Rankings
December 2016 WE Rankings
November 2016 WE Rankings
October 2016 WE Rankings – amended 12.10.16
September 2016 WE Rankings
August 2016 WE Rankings
July 2016 WE Rankings
June 2016 WE Rankings
May 2016 WE Rankings
April 2016 WE Rankings
March 2016 WE Rankings – amended 7.3.16
February 2016 WE Rankings
January 2016 WE Rankings


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