06/07/2020- Member

Wellbeing Survey Launches for BF members

British Fencing has launched a new survey to gather information about our members’ experiences of lockdown and their views on returning to fencing.

We recognise that the past few months have brought challenges and change to our community. As part of BF’s return to fencing plan, we are conducting a survey on members’ wellbeing. The results will help us to understand members’ needs and learn how we can best support our fencers as we move through the latter phases of lockdown.

The survey will focus on members’ experiences of lockdown so far and their overall wellbeing. The first set of surveys will be sent to all listed ADP athletes. The next set of surveys will be sent to members via email on or before July 16th, 2020.

We encourage all recipients to complete the survey so we can gather an accurate picture of how lockdown has affected our members. The results of the survey will be used to inform future return to fencing plans and will be published with data anonymised in August 2020.

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