16/10/2020- Covid 19

1:1 Coaching in Tier 2 & Tier 3 (England)

Paid coaches can continue to give 1:1 adapted lessons in Tier 2 (high) and Tier 3 (very high) lockdown areas.

For paid coaches the place they are giving lessons is their workplace. This workplace must follow the government guidance on ‘Working safely during Coronavirus’.

In these circumstances coaches are exempt from the household mixing calculation.

Therefore a paid coach can give a lesson to one person.

Multiple people from a single household could also take lessons from a coach at the same time.

Coaches must ensure that there are procedures in place to avoid any mixing of households, pre, during and post lessons. We strongly recommend that there is scheduled time between lessons to allow this to be managed safely. It is the coach’s responsibility to make sure that people coming for lessons are aware of the procedures and that these are followed.

Please note that all BF guidelines must still be followed and attention is drawn to fencing specific adaptations and equipment use.

For coaches to be covered by BF insurance coaches they must be BF registered

For individuals to be covered by BF insurance they must be BF members

The BF Guidelines will be updated over the next few days in line with this announcement.


Useful links:

Working safely during Coronavirus guidance here.

Areas with local restrictions in place can be found here.

Medium Level (Tier 1) details here.

High Level (Tier 2) details here.

Very High Level (Tier 3) details here.

Sport England FAQs here.




Can I give a lesson to two people from the same household?



How long can the lesson be?

There is no limit on the length of 1:1 lessons outside of group/bubble environments. The current 30min limit applies to environments where households are mixing, although we would not expect lessons to significantly exceed this amount. Coaches are expected to perform risk assessments, work out what mitigation is possible/appropriate and adapt their lesson plans accordingly – content, length and intensity.


  • Close quarter work, for example angulated/bent arm hits to body.
  • Fleching
  • High Physical Intensity
  • Extended periods of time working in 1-2m range.



  • Maximising long distance work (for example Epee/Sabre can focus on hits to wrist and arms)
  • Low Physical Intensity



  • Be aware of the hitting distance of participants based on their height/reach/sword size/target and adapt the exercises as appropriate to minimise time spent within 1-2m.
  • Be aware of direction of movement in relation to direction of ventilation.
  • Participants can wear face coverings for low intensity,  where face coverings are not appropriate, mask liners should be used.



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