2020 British Youth Championships

Update 1/7/2019: Due to a change in the Early May Bank Holiday date for 2020, which for 2020 is VE Day, British Fencing are working hard to find the best alternate date for the BYCs 2020.

The British Youth Championships is an event split into four age groups including U12s, U14s, U16s & U18s. Fencers of all weapons qualify through regional competitions for the final championships which typically take place over the early May Bank Holiday at the English Institute of Sport, Sheffield.

Membership Level Required: Compete

Ranking: Fencers are ranked at the event using a unique BYC formula which takes into account a variety of results and rankings available over the different age groups.

Consent Forms: Parent Consent forms are required for athletes U18 and a link will be provided nearer the time to allow you to complete these online.

The BF Fair Play Code for Youth Events is applicable. See here for more information.

Accreditation: will be in operation for the event. Please note that nearer the time these rules may be adapted depending on the venue. However everyone attending should expect some form of restricted access to the field of play and accreditation to be in place.  We expect parents and coaches to work with their athletes in advance to ensure that they are able to get themselves on and off the piste.

Coaches on the BF coaching register will receive field of play Coach Accreditation for the poules. Coaches are expected to be sensitive to situations where young children (esp those U14) are competing without coaches and have greater responsibility for the welfare of both fencers in these scenarios.

During the round of poules, parents of U12 athletes will be allowed temporary access to field of play to assist if the athlete unexpectedly requires assistance with connecting and disconnecting from the spools. Once the assistance is provided parents are expected to exit the field of play.

During the Direct Elimination match each athlete, for the duration of their bout is allowed one nominated supporter within the field of play. ONE coach or in the absence of a coach ONE nominated member of BF.

Once the athlete has finished fencing these supporters along with the athletes are expected to immediately leave the field of play, to allow the next match to commence.

There will be a maximum of one supporter accreditation per athlete and the supporter must be a BF member. (This is to ensure that the supporter has agreed to the BF codes of conduct). A supporter accreditation will not entitle anyone to permanent field of play access.

Officials will have the right to remove accreditations from anyone who does not follow the rules.

All accreditation will be free on advance application (link to follow)

Kit specifications BYCs 2019

Regional Contact Information

Rule Changes: The new passivity rule introduced on the 1st Jan 2019 by the FIE will implemented at the 2020 BYC finals event. Organisers of remaining BYC qualifiers this season are expected to implement new passivity rules.

Field of Play Bags : For safety reasons athletes should not bring fencing bags to the field of play. For the poules, athletes may bring up to 3 weapons, 2 body wires and a re-useable water bottle/small towel and allan key in a small bag. For the Direct Elimination bouts athletes may bring into the field of play for the duration of the bout their top bags or dual weapon bags and these should be removed once the bout is over.

Location of Bags/Picnics: For safety reasons athletes will be requested to store their fencing bags and picnic in certain areas. Food will not be permitted on field of play. Specifically in venues where there are indoor running tracks we will be working with the venue management to designate spaces for food and bags and avoid damage to the facilities we are using.

Sustainability: As part of BFs commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our sport, no single use plastic bottles will be permitted on field of play. We hope that the community will support efforts in this area and ensure that everyone brings re-useable bottles to the venue. Where possible, re-useable bottles will be on sale.



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