GBR Contacts

last updated 03.10.2022

Weapon Leads

Epee: Ian Lichfield

Sabre: Rob Cawdron

Foil: Johnny Davis

Other Key Contacts

Head of Pathways: Steve Kemp

Head of Olympic Teams (National Team Athletes): Johnny Davis

Head of People & Culture (including GBR Coach Development): Dusty Miller

Project Manager (Education & Progression): Ian Lichfield

Project Manager (Progression): Rob Cawdron

GBR Administration: Shelley Robinson

GBR Administration: Niall Harman


Volunteer Weapon Selectors (Cadet, Junior & Senior) 
Foil: Mike McKay, Kate O’Connell, Clare Halsted (interim)
Epee: Hugh Kernohan, Mariette Mason, Lindsay Bottoms
Sabre: JoJo Braine, Nick Fletcher, Anthony Crutchett

Responsibilities of Selection Panel Chair here.

More information about selection can be found here.

Parents, athletes and coaches should not contact selectors directly but if they have any queries they should complete this form.


Volunteer Team Managers/Chef de Missions
Performance Team Managers (PTM) will be allocated to each nominated Junior World Cup. There may be a travelling and/or a non-travelling PTM.

European & World Championships will have an appointed Chef de Mission (CdM).

PTMs & CdMs will be listed on the Calendar (here) when they are allocated.

Lead Performance Team Manager Contacts:

FOIL & EPEE – Lorraine Rose 

SABRE – Pat Aiyenuro 

More information about Team Managers can be found in the Team Manager Zone



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