GBR Performance Coaching Programme (PCP)

The GBR Performance Coach Programme aims to improve the quality of coaches working with fencers, pre senior elite 15- to 23-years old.

Coaching in a performance domain is not just about technical and tactical understanding, it is about leading, helping and motivating athletes to achieve a desired outcome.  Performance Coaches and those high performance coaches are:

  • effective leaders
  • emotionally intelligent and self-aware
  • transform coaching behaviour
  • make significant impacts on individuals, teams and organisational performances over multiple seasons
  • innovative and creative with leading edge knowledge and skills
  • decision makers with an inter-disciplinary approach to problem solving
  • driven for success with unwavering high standards, but open minded, hungry to learn and willing to change and renew themselves
  • benevolent, putting people first, seeking to understand, knowing the sun always rises again

The purpose of the GBR Performance Coaching Programme is to provide additional education and development opportunities to coaches that would like to support GBR squads and those that can become the high performance coaches of the future.  The programme overview is based on several stages as highlighted in the diagram below.

Programme 1.   Developing People Programme invited Personal Coaches, Athlete Development Coaches, and Coach Developers to a kick off event exploring the area of coach – athlete relationship.  The 30 attending have been invited to apply for phase 2, a deep dive exploring coaching methodologies of the Coach-Athlete relationship, and then applying some of these methodologies in their coaching practice.  This smaller cohort will complete phase 2 over the coming season.


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