Senior World Championships 2019

This page is intended for athletes and coaches attending the Senior World Championships 2019. Please check back to this page regularly for information updates.

 15th – 23rd July 2019, Budapest, Hungary


Applicable Selection Policy:

Full Selection notices can be found here: Part 1 and here: Part 2.


Men’s Foil:
Richard Kruse (Q)
James Davis (Q)
Marcus Mepstead (Q)
Ben Peggs (Q)


Men’s Sabre:
James Honeybone (Q)
JJ Webb (Q)
Will Deary
Curtis Miller


Women’s Foil:
Kate Beardmore (Q)


Women’s Sabre:
Aliya Itzkowitz
Maria Chart
Caitlin Maxwell
Kate Daykin

Women’s Epee:
Susan Sica (Q)
Katriona Smith-Taylor (Q)


Men’s Epee:
Elliott Grover (Q)
Phil Marsh


Chef de Mission: Johnny Davis (role description can be found here)
Deputy Chef de Mission: Jon Salfield, Pat Ayenuro

GB Coaches:
Jon Salfield
Alex Beardmore

Personal Coaches:

Instructions for Athletes

Accept Selection

Athletes will be emailed with a link to confirm selection. This will require payment of the £55 individual entry fee.

Please note the schedule which differs from the European Championships.


Arrange Travel

Athletes must arrive in Budapest 2 days before their first day of competition. Athletes participating in the team event must not arrange return flights on the day of the team event. There are no official team transfers available – on arrival the recommended way to get to your accommodation is to use the Airport minibus service. Desk in arrivals hall.


Arrange Accomodation

All athletes (other than the MFT) will be staying at the Danubius Arena Hotel which is next door to venue and they are expected to make their own bookings.

Athletes are expected to provide confirmation of their own bookings to [email protected] letting us know of any sharing arrangements. (This is the cheapest way to allow athletes to take advantage of reduced pre-payment rates, select their own breakfast options and avoid exchange and transfer fees.)  BF have reserved rooms which can be allocated, however these are at the slightly more expensive rate.

Athletes must stay at the nominated GBR hotel.  (Please note that parents/family should not stay at the team hotel.)


Arrange Accreditation for Personal Coaches

Anyone wishing to accredit a personal coach must email Kim at [email protected] (ccing Johnny) with the relevant forms before 25th June. Usual Ts and Cs apply (they MUST be a member, on their National Coaching Register etc etc). Unless you have received confirmation from headoffice your coach will not be accredited. (Personal coaches that completed the application process for Euros do not need to fill out forms again but athletes must still email Kim to confirm their coach is coming).

We have limited accreditations and therefore we may not be able to accommodate everyone.  We will NOT accredit coaches that turn up on the day/night before.

BF will not arrange accommodation for personal coaches.


Ensure your kit has the correct logos/patches and you have the right tracksuit.

Official Tracksuits Available here.

All athletes will be required to place a National Lottery Logo on the white soft shell jacket which is the minimum official tracksuit requirement and the one to be worn on podiums.

Athletes may also choose to purchase items from this range.

All athletes are required to place a National Lottery Logo on the red tracksuit top jacket if they are using it.

All athletes are required to wear a National Lottery Logo on their breaches, which will be provided by BF and should be placed directly under the GBR Logo. This should be removed prior to the start of the 2019/20 season where the rules about logos will change.

Epeeists are required to wear an Epee Club Logo on their non sword arm, which will be provided by BF and should be placed directly under the GBR Logo.



The following costs will be covered:

  • All weapon Team Entry Fees (British Fencing, BF Patrons and Epee Club Charity)
  • Individual entry fees for qualified athletes (Aspiration Fund)
  • Chef de Mission (Aspiration Fund)
  • Soft tissue therapist (Aspiration Fund)
  • Sabre Coach (Aspiration Fund)
  • Womens Foil Coach (Aspiration Fund) – part contribution


Social Media Info (whole GBR Team)

Significant additional funding has been allocated from the UK Sport Aspiration funding which will benefit the whole team at this years Championship’s. Please could you all remember to include the following # and mentions @ to all your social media posts and stories. The journey of an athlete; the training, preparation, competing and reflections are all an important and interesting part of your story. Please share it!

 #fencinginspires #AspirationFund #gbrfencing @britishfencing @uk_sport #feelpartofit

Note: #fencinginspires is a BF # that will help us report on the Aspiration Fund impact and thus support cases for additional funding for fencing

Additional Guidelines:

  • Epeeists please also thank The Epee Club
  • Please wear the National Lottery badge on all your competition kit so that it will be visible on photos.
  • Please provide one or two short insight messages for BF to share on platforms – send these on to [email protected] (i.e pre-comp thoughts, competition experience, post-comp reflections etc.) Share your story
  • Share any FIE photos you are in – include the above # and @
  • Capture a few team photos on the team event days – including one of the team in the GBR tracksuit top.


Sports Therapy 

Sonia Fierro will be joining the GBR Team out in Budapest. Support and treatment times will be prioritised for the athletes and teams who are currently in competition day, or compete the next day. If you have any specific treatment needs or questions please speak to myself and Sonia . If you are carrying an injury or condition which requires treatment please declare this immediately so that Sonia can forward plan for your treatment. If you become injured during the Championships please inform both Sonia and Johnny Davis (Chef de Mission) immediately. Please plan ahead in terms of booking in any treatments you will require.


Discipline and Behaviour

By acception selection for the World Championships you have already agreed to the British Fencing Codes of Conduct. Please act responsibly and sensibly and understand that we are one collective team and respect and support for your fellow team members is expected and reasonable. In addition every member of the squad is being supported by public funding and is expected to behave in a way that recognises the responsibilities that this brings. Funding to compete (whether from public or private sources) is not an entitlement and  we owe it to everyone that contributes to our participation to act as professionals and role models for our sport. Given the importance of this Championships in relation to Tokyo 2020 it should bring extra focus to everyone’s professional approach to both their own and their team mates performances.


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