Updated 07.10.2021


British Fencing, England Fencing, and all the Home Nations are delighted to provide a FREE 90 day BF membership. Introduction membership is open to people who fence at a BF affiliated club in the UK, are new to fencing, and have never held a BF membership before.

Here are a few important details to note about this membership type:

a) It is 100% free.

b) It is 90 days in duration.

c) It is for new members.

d) Members must affiliate with the club they are attending.

e) New participants of beginner courses must have a valid Introduction membership to be covered by insurance for the full 90 days. The policy covers:

  • Personal accident (cover ceases at 75 and is limited for U16) & civil liability insurance cover (there is no age limit in respect of the Public/Civil Liability cover for members).
  • When fencing at the Club or School session or intra Club or School matches.
  • Not covered to fence at any other club or school or inter Club or School competition.
  • Not covered to fence abroad.
  • For full information click here.

f) Members will receive an online copy of The Sword and are able to subscribe to all of British Fencing’s communications such as The Club Digest.

g) Members can upgrade to Starter, Recreational or Compete membership at any time during the 90 days. To view all available memberships please click here.

h) To enter competitions, members must upgrade to the Compete membership category.

i) Towards the end of the 90 days, members will receive an email letting them know that their 90 days of free membership is ending.  The email will also explain the membership options that are available.

j) A summary of membership types and benefits can be found here.

Activate Today

To activate this new membership, please read this step by step How to Guide and then go to the Membership Platform


Membership Terms and Conditions

If you have any questions please see our FAQs. If your question is not covered on this page or in the FAQs please contact: [email protected]



Free Intro Membership

Activate your free, 90 day membership to British Fencing today. Membership insures you to fence at any British Fencing club.


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