GBR Referee Selection Procedures

GBR referees are selected according to the International Referee selection policy and procedures.  which define the applicable procedures for individual competitions:

A. Annual Allocation Procedure  to source and choose BF referees for nominated international competitions identified GB squad competitions – typically EFC Cadet and FIE Junior World Cups. Reserve lists will not be operated – any additional requirement for referees will be handled under the Individual Nominated Procedure.

B. Individual Nominated Procedure (INP) to source and allocate BF referees in the event that the Annual Procedure fails to identify a suitable referee or sufficient number of referees, OR, an additional competition is nominated and requires referee(s), OR, published competition details are not as assumed at the time of the Annual Procedure.

C. Individual Nominated Competition (non BF ref) Procedure (non-BF INCP) – where sufficient BF referees cannot be found for nominated competitions, this defines the procedure by which international FIE referees can be approached to provide referee services for the GB Team.

D. FIE Exam Candidate Procedure – This is the selection procedure by which candidates are selected to sit the FIE exams (1 candidate per weapon, per year in every year except Olympic year, where there are no exams)

E. European Championships Shortlist Procedure – This is the selection procedure where candidates are shortlisted and submitted to the EFC for potential selection to European Championships (Senior and Cadet/Junior).


All selections will be posted on the website here once announced.


Useful Documents/Links

International Referee Selection Policy and Procedures

International Referee Application Form

International Referee Selection Factors v2.0

Referee Annual Allocation Documents, Calendar & EFC Circuit Info

Refereeing at FIE Satellites and Non Nominated Junior World Cups.


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