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BF publishes a ‘how to’ guide for BF Registered Coaches, describing how to create a Coach Profile for the new BF online Coach Register, ahead of the transition to the new system in 2021.


Earlier in the year, we announced the phasing in of a new, online Coach Register. In preparation for the transition, we have put together a simple guide to help our registered coaches create their unique Coach Profile. Coaches are encouraged to follow the guide and create a profile now, ahead of the new online system coming into effect in early 2021. The legacy system will be phased out, at which point only coaches who have set up an online profile will appear on the BF website.

The legacy system (still in use until 2021) is structured as a list of names that classify registered coaches according to the status of their coaching credentials – compliant, non-conformity and non-compliant – and is updated once every month. The information available about coaches is restricted to their names, county of residence, and level of coaching qualifications.

To offer more efficiency, we developed a new system that allows live updates by drawing data from Sport80. Whenever a renewed certificate is added to a coach’s Sport80 member account and approved by BF, the status of the qualification is automatically updated on the Coach Register. When all qualifications and requirements are in place, the coach is added back to the register. Remember which minimum requirements you need to meet to become a registered coach here.


The guide walks through the process of creating a profile on Sport80


In addition to automated updates, the new Coach Register also gives coaches the opportunity to reveal more about themselves and show how they go beyond the minimum standards. This is done by creating a personalised Coach Profile which, similarly to a short resume, is used to present relevant information about a coach’s experience, qualifications, philosophy, and values. It is also possible to add a profile picture, contact details and rates for individual and group sessions. Rather than listing names, the new Coach Register is a list of Coach Profiles that can be filtered by name, county and proximity to user’s postcode.

Coach profiles will have an individual URL on the BF website and will be indexed by search engines to allow coaches to be found easily by potential employers and fencers.

The steps to creating a Coach Profile are explained here. Any questions can be emailed to [email protected].



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