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Welcome to the British Fencing ‘Be You, Be Different’ Podcast. In each series of episodes, we’ll dig deeper into the world of British Fencing, discovering stories through the voices of our community.


Series 2: Interviews with the CEO:

CEO Georgina Usher opens up the world of BF and we meet some of the people within the sport in the UK.

1- Meet Johnny Davis, Olympic Team Manager and discover how he grew up and moved from Belfast into the world of Olympic fencing.

2- Meet Mark Lyttle, chair of BF– and world sailing expert.

3- Coming soon- Meet Lawrence Halsted, GB Olympic fencer as he discusses identity and a whole person approach to being an athlete.

Series 1: Be You. Be Different.

  • Meet the people who bring our sport to life including exclusive interviews with top athletes, expert coaches, clubs, volunteers and fans.
  • Discover how our message ‘Be You, Be Different’ is bringing our unique sport to thousands of people from schools and scouts, to Olympic hopefuls.
  • Join the discussions as we challenge misconceptions around mental health awareness in sport, funding and sponsorship, new technology, coaching philosophies and more.

We’re looking forward to sharing some of our work with you in more depth through the podcast interviews and show notes. As the National Governing Body for fencing in the UK, we work with people from every level, from Government agencies to local grassroots volunteer groups.

Over 250 thousand people try fencing every year, through our network of delivery partners. With fencing clubs across the country and more people trying fencing every year, it’s time to open up about how we are working for a fencing future.

Fencing’s Olympic history is part of our work, however, it’s just one piece of the picture. In our podcast, you’ll hear about how we are encouraging new fencers at every level. Fencing is such a unique sport, therefore it attracts people who are looking for something different. Also, the act of putting on a mask, holding a sword and facing an opponent brings out elements of your personality you may not have discovered before.

Be You, Be Different Podcast contributors:

Sophie DeVooght, Producer, Series 1 Host

Georgina Usher, Series 2 Host

Sean Walton, series 1 Producer and Co-host

Series 1 Intro Music by Chris Heaps

Audio Logo by Joe Lyske





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