16/07/2020- Covid 19

Scotland – Phase 3 General Guidance and Coaches Guidance

Outdoor fencing resumes for U17s from 13th July under Phase 3 guidance.

Approved on Friday July 10th by sportscotland and Scottish Government

As ever, our number one priority is to maintain members health and safety and play our role in eradicating the virus so please do maintain the level of vigilance and commitment we have already seen as you go about your physical activity and your daily lives.


Some key points from todays guidance are below

  • Sparring outdoor for Children (U11) and young people (12-17 inclusive) is approved from Monday 13th July 2020 with appropriate outdoor safety measures eg flooring, footwear.
  • Children 11 & Under don’t need to socially distance from each other at any time
  • Young people (12-17) don’t need to distance when on piste – but do when they aren’t! So they can spar/train together but when that activity is over, they must distance.
  • Adults must maintain distance at all times.
  • No coaching inside the “2 metre boundary” at any time.

There are more stipulations within the guidance regarding risk assessment submission and establishment of a responsible “COVID Officer” for clubs – see the BF website page here for further information on their responsibilities.

Scottish Fencing’s guidance is drafted in 2 PDF documents found at the Dropbox repository we have used before. There is a folder titled Phase 3 and both documents are in there or can be accessed by clicking this link here.

Please keep checking the Scottish Government website link here and Scottish Fencing’s website link here for further updates on resuming fencing activity in Scotland.

BF will continue to update our COVID-19 advice here and additional resources are available here. To help you keep up to date, you can also subscribe to our new weekly summary email featuring the previous week’s latest news and announcements. Sign up here.

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