25/11/2020- Covid 19

New Tiered System to be introduced in England from 2nd December

Ahead of the parliamentary vote on Thursday, BF is reviewing the government guidance and liaising with stakeholders to seek additional clarification regarding the new restrictions coming into place in England on December 2nd.

(*clarifications added 27.11 in red*)

Following the publication of the Government Winter Plan here, BF is working with stakeholders and partners to understand the detail of the impact on grassroots fencing.

We thought it would be useful for our clubs and activity providers to confirm what we know so far, whilst we continue to seek clarity in other areas:

So far (subject to the legislation passing in parliament on Thursday) it is our understanding that, from 2nd December:

  • U18s will be able to participate in organised indoor fencing following the BF guidelines in groups of 15 in all three tiers.
  • For those age 18 and over in Tier 1 they will be able to participate in organised indoor fencing (sparring and lessons) following the BF guidelines in groups of 6.
  • In Tier 2, those age 18 and over indoor can participate in socially distanced classes with no interaction between households/social bubbles (ie no actual fencing). BF will be publishing sample Tier 2 compliant classes that clubs can choose to run.
  • In Tier 3, those age 18 and over – no indoor fencing, except between members of households/social bubbles.

Our expectation is that the eventual guidance will not be dissimilar to the previous tiered system (here and in table form here) however we continue to try and push for additional permitted fencing activity for those age 18 and over in Tier 2, recognising the work that our clubs are doing to reduce the risk of transmission in indoor environments.

Once there is confirmation of what measures are being brought into law we expect further guidance will then be issued for sport and at this point BF will be issuing updated guidelines.


If you have a moment to help sport, please support the petition here which calls on the government to instigate emergency funding in the form of a Sports Recovery Fund to ensure sports clubs, fitness and leisure facilities can remain open and survive the coming difficult months.

The work our coaches, clubs, volunteers, partners and community do to keep our sport safe, fun and viable is vitally important and we want to thank our members for your patience at this time. We will as always, update our Covid-19 advice and guidance page with the current status for all Home Nations.

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