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Recreational Event License Application Form

What is Event Licensing?

Licencing an Event through the BF Event Licensing Scheme provides fencing event organisers with appropriate insurance and public liability cover for events. It will give event organisers increased protection and ensure that all licensed events are covered by the BF insurance policy.

To be covered by the BF insurance policy all competitions and events must hold a BF Event Licence, whether competitive, ranking, open, closed or simply recreational.  Events will be issued with a unique licence number which should be made available on the competition information forms/webpages.

As well as a license, for insurance to be valid the event must follow BF policies and procedures – these include BF Safety and Safeguarding policies and procedures.  All accidents, near-misses and black cards must be reported (forms can be found here).

Event Licensing Categories

There are two main categories of Event Licencing – Competitive and Recreational.

The table below shows key characteristics of each type of event.  The type of licence that your event requires will depend on which category your event ‘fits’ into.

If you have a question about which category your event would be classed as, please email [email protected] with a brief description of your event.

Competitive Events  Recreational Events 
Format Traditional Formats – eg Poule followed by DE


Non-traditional formats – eg multiple rounds of poules, max 3 hits, mixed teams based on the needs of the local community
Competition Experience  Would likely be perceived by the average participant as a competitive experience where the emphasis and goal of the event is to present a medal to the champion (s)

With a competitive atmosphere/environment

Likely to be perceived as an event where the emphasis and primary goal is the fun and enjoyment of all participants equally

Little or no knowledge of ‘competition’ rules expected, referees supporting participants to learn rules.

Event Timings  Fixed start time, end time variable most likely based on how well a participant performs Fixed start and end times and all participants involved from start to finish
Mixture of activities, individual and team, ‘battles’, different team formats – focus is on fun and enjoyment, keeping participants active and developing skills Including holiday camps and training camps
Rankings and Event Title  Likely to contain the word ‘Championships’

Contributes to a ranking (whether by geographical area or by age) or forms part of a qualification process, or an event series.

Could include wording such as ‘beginners’ ‘novices’

Does not contribute to any rankings


Support and Refereeing  Supporters (eg coaches and parents) encouraging their pupils/children to win
Referees applying rules in accordance with the FIE fencing rules, and participants expect to have prior knowledge of competition rules
Typical competition formats being followed (rounds of poules, followed by DEs).
Little or no knowledge of ‘competition’ rules expected, referees supporting participants to learn rules.

Supporters (eg coaches and parents) encouraging everyone to take part and have fun


Inter-club/school matches between 4 clubs or less do not need to be licensed, but all competitors must hold a minimum of a starter membership to be covered by the BF Insurance policy.

How to apply for an event licence


Competitive Events

Competitive Events are licenced through the BF Membership Platform (Sport80).

There are a number of different Event Licence Packages. Organisers select which package they are applying for via the Licensing tab on the BF Membership Platform

Watch the Event Sanctioning Overview Video on the Event Module Library click here for more information on how to apply for an Event Licence.

For Competitive Events, there are standards and requirements depending on the level of competition.

Ranking Events

The 2021-2022 season saw the introduction of the Automated Ranking System. Organisers of Ranking Events (Cadet and Junior BRCs and Senior Opens) can find information on the Automatic Ranking System and the requirements for organisers here.

(NB Cadet and Junior Ranking events are allocated annually, all senior opens that meet certain criteria are eligible for Senior Ranking points.)

All ranking events (Senior, Junior and Cadet) are subject to an Ranking Event Levy – more information here.

Please note: Event Licences can only be applied for through a club/county/regional account, not your personal profile.

For further resources on applying for an Event Licence and running an event through the BF Events Platform, check out our event organiser resources here

Recreational Events

To apply for a Recreational Event Licence, please complete the online form below:


Terms and Conditions

There are terms and conditions which are to be followed for all event organisers. For information on Event Licensing Terms and Conditions, click here


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