The Joint Home Countries Working Group (JHCWG) manage the Level 1 & 2 refereeing education programme and have recently conducted a review of the assessment process to align it with the recently updated Level 3 & 4 assessment process.

The Level 1 & 2 assessment process has been centralised and standardised to ensure a consistent approach to the delivery of the content. Both seminars will be deliverable in an online or face to face format and the content will be interactive with quizzes and videos.

In addition to the three able-bodied disciplines, there will also be the opportunity to study wheelchair fencing refereeing and obtain a similar basic level of qualification for all three wheelchair fencing disciplines. For more information about this see here

To reinforce the emphasis on a supportive education process rather than examination, the seminars will be conducted by “Referee Instructors”  rather than “Referee Examiners.”

The Level 2 practical assessment continues the focus on a supported learning environment by the use a “Referee Mentor” to support the candidate through their practical assessment.

The Level 2 practical assessment continues the focus on a supported learning environment with the use of a “Referee Mentor” to support the candidate through their practical assessment.

Newly qualified referees are encouraged to continue working closely with a mentor to further develop their refereeing skills.

Applications for Approved Referee Instructors and Mentors

The application process to become a referee assessor or mentor will be launched on Monday March 1st and the closing date will be 5pm Wednesday 31st March 2021. For more information and the application forms, please see here

BF will publish a list of approved Referee Instructors and Mentors which can be found here once the appointment process has been completed by the JHCWG.

How do I register for a referee course ?

There are several ways to register your interest in becoming a Level 2 Regional Level Referee or to sign up to an Introduction to Refereeing seminar to learn more about refereeing:

What will I need to know to become a referee ?

All referees should demonstrate they:

  • Have read the BF Referee Course Preliminary Reading
  • Have read the BF Referee Rule book sections ‘T’ (technical rules), ‘M’ (material rules) and ‘O’ (organisation rules)
  • Have read the current BF Guidelines on Safety in Fencing, for fencers, coaches, referees, clubs and competition organisers.
  • Have an understanding of the technical rules of fencing.
  • Can perform clear, clean and consistent Hand Signals.
  • Are able to explain simple phrasing in English.
  • Have an awareness of the penalty sheet of the FIE rule book (t.170) 
  • Are able to be consistently punctual and dress respectably.
  • Are able to consistently uphold the values of British Fencing and be  positive ambassadors for the sport.



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