15/07/2021- Covid 19

Update for Clubs in Preparation for 19th July (England)

Update for affiliated clubs, coaches and members when running and participating in all Organised Fencing activity in England in preparation for Step 4 from 19th July.

As we wait for further government and Sport England guidance, BF is currently reviewing and updating it’s  Return to Fencing guidelines which we expect to publish tomorrow. The expected changes are highlighted below.

Further official guidance is expected over the next few days and, as ever, we will update all relevant COVID information pages. For context, the summary of the full roadmap (in relation to fencing) can be found here.

(Event specific updates can be found here.)


Venues & Facilities

  • There will be no restrictions on the numbers of those taking part in sessions.
  • All sports facilities will be able to open and there will be no indoor capacity caps. Venues can however, put in place restrictions for enclosed areas as part of their own guidance.

-> Clubs will be expected to perform their own risk assessments and if appropriate limit numbers to reduce transmission risk.

The most important ways to reduce the risk of transmission indoors is still

  • Good ventilation
  • Hands – Regular sanitisation of hands
  • Face – Do not touch your face
  • Space – Keep your distance


Face Coverings/Mask Liners

  • Outdoor activity – Face coverings and/or mask liners are not required.
  • Indoor activity – There is no legal requirement to use face coverings but we strongly recommend these continue to be worn whilst not fencing (unless exempt).  BF is currently intending to continue with mandatory face masks (unless exempt) for indoor ranking events, more information about events can be found here.


Fencing Specific Adaptations

  • No time/hit limits will be in place.
  • Fleching, close quarter moves and corp a corp within sparring and lessons is permitted, it is recommended that a safety/competency risk assessment is still performed.
  • The handshaking rule will remain suspended. Fencers should replace the end of bout handshake with a salute on the on guard line (or equivalent safe distance). Elbow touches are not recommended.


Other Requirements

As a reminder all other requirements (as published here) remain in place including:

  • COVID Officer and Risk Assessment must be in place.
  • Retention of information required to support Test and Trace.
  • Hygiene measures remain in place (individual and equipment protocols). Please note the updated requirements here.


More information can be found here – Frequently asked questions on the national coronavirus restrictions | Sport England


This evening (Thursday 15th July)  BF is hosting a COVID-19 Community Discussion Event – Stage 4. Sign Up for this event has been sent out to all Registered Club Admins and COVID-19 Officers on sport80. If you have not received a notification please e-mail [email protected].

If you have any queries regarding this and other announcements please contact us using this form. Many of the queries we receive are answered in our guidance and resources here so we strongly recommend reading this in advance of contacting us.

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