People have many different reasons to become a coach, and lots of people see coaching as a way to stay involved in fencing and as a way of giving back to their club and community. Coaching is all about people. Great coaching has wide-ranging benefits to you as a coach, it allows you to share your passion, stay active, be social and have fun. The impact of coaching on the fencers is not just on the technical and tactical skills, but also in the way which it help people to live, positively effecting physical and mental well-being, as well as creating friendships beyond the sport. Coaching is a key foundation to fencing, from giving someone that experience of the sport for the first time, working with a club fencer enjoying local competitions, to the fencers taking part in their first international competition, and also those fencers within the performance environment across Great Britain, the coach is a critical factor in determining the quality of a fencer’s experience.


To get involved, if you are at a club, speak to the coach and see if there are opportunities available in the club and how you can help out.

Reflect on why you want to coach, this to help identify the best setting for your coaching need, ambition and your current coaching capability Coaching requires a certain level of fencing skills and knowledge of the sport. Coaches also need an ability to adapt their coaching style to a range of different individuals.

Find out more about courses and qualifications visit My Coach’s Journey

Part of the vision for Coaching in the UK was that coaching is seen as a professionally regulated vocation, part of this vision is realised in the industry minimum operating standards for coaches. This is recognised within NGBs as license schemes  or coach registers. Click the links to find out about Coaching Standard or how to become a registered coach with Fencing in Great Britain. Become a registered Coach.  Please ensure you have followed the instructions to appear on the  register.

In 2020 an online version of the coach register was launched and now is in use.  More information here.


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