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This page shares some frequently asked questions related to the BF Coach Register. We will continue to update it to cover a wider range of topics and questions.

If you are visiting this page to look for information to help you make decisions about engaging the services of a coach you are advised to follow this best practice advice.

If you still have questions after reading this page please contact British Fencing .


How do I become a registered coach?

Please follow the steps listed here.

I am a registered coach. Why am I not on the Coach Register published on BF’s website?

The most common reasons are:

  • Your BF membership has expired
  • Your safeguarding certificate has expired
  • Your First Aid certificate has expired, or you have not supplied evidence that all the venues where you coach have sufficient First Aid cover
  • Your criminal record check has expired
  • You don’t have a Coach Profile
  • You haven’t uploaded your coaching qualification certificate on your Sport80 account

How do I upload certificates on my Sport80 account?

Watch this short video for instructions.

I have already renewed my certificate. Why do I keep getting reminders from BF?

When you have a new certificate, you need to upload it to your Sport80 member account.    Once your certificate is approved, your record on the Coach Register will be updated and you will stop receiving reminders about that certificate until it is time to renew it again three years after its date of issue.   If you have already uploaded your new certificate on Sport80 and are still receiving automated reminders, this is probably because your expired certificate has not been deleted from your profile. Please confirm this is the case before contacting BF – we will delete the expired certificate and the notifications will stop.

I don’t coach anymore. Can I be removed from the Coach Register?

Yes.   Please contact [email protected], and request to be removed. You will then be removed from the list of registered coaches displayed on BF website and from the mailing list for matters related to the Coach Register. Registered coaches that want to be removed will also have their Coach Profile on Sport80 deleted.

I have been removed from the Coach Register. Can I be added back?

Yes.   You need to meet the minimum requirements and email [email protected] to let us know you want to be added back to the Coach Register.


What is the Coach Register

The Coach Register is a list of BF accredited coaches.

The system is simple to manage, as it is integrated with Sport80 and updates certification data automatically.  It also offers coaches a useful tool to describe themselves and the option to leave contact details.   Search filters can refine the list to show users coaches that are based in their area, thus facilitating the contact between employers/fencing participants and coaches.

What do I need to do to be on the Coach Register?

  1. Check that you have an active BF membership
  2. Check that your coaching qualification certificates have been uploaded
  3. Check that your SPC and First Aid certificate/declaration are valid and uploaded to Sport80
  4. Check that your criminal record check is registered on Sport80
  5. Create a Coach Profile

Steps 1 to 4 above can be done by simply logging in to your Sport80 account and checking the tabs “Membership”, “Coaching Qualifications”, “Safeguarding”, “First Aid”, and “DBS/PVG” on the menu.

Sport80 has a new user interface, to access your member account, first click the banner with your name, and you will see your member area with the menu.


What will happen if I don’t do all this? 

You will not be removed from the coaching register, but you will not appear on the online Coach Register until the steps above are completed.  



What Safeguarding courses do you accept? 

The types of Safeguarding courses we accept are explained here. 


Will BF accept a different Safeguarding course? 

We do not accept any alternative safeguarding training in England and Wales attended after the 31st July 2023. In June 2023, we launched SafeGuard Core, which is a bespoke safeguarding training course for fencing. Core has been adopted for register requirements from end of June 2023.. Click here to know more about SafeGuard.


Can I attend a renewal course? 

No. The renewal courses are not acceptable anymore since 31st July 2023. 

Do you accept online safeguarding courses? 

The only online courses we accept are: 



Do you accept any First Aid training? 

No. The minimum training accepted is Emergency First Aid at Work. More information on the minimum standards for First Aid training can be found here. 


Do you accept online First Aid courses? 


 Is there any case in which I don’t need to attend First Aid training? 

If there is sufficient First Aid cover at all venues where you coach, you can opt to not attend a First Aid course. To let us know that, you can complete a declaration available here and upload it to your Sport80 member account. 


What type of DBS certificate do I need to have? 

You need an Enhanced certificate. Basic and Standards DBS certificates are not accepted.  

 My DBS certificate is registered with the update service. Why are you asking me to take action? 

The DBS Update Service allows you to renew your certificate every year if no change in its status is identified. However, to perform an online check and verify that your certificate remains current, we need your permission first. That is why you have been contacted again after three years since your last check. To give us the data and permission we need to do an update check please complete this form . 


How do I apply for a new DBS certificate? 

Checks will now be initiated centrally by British Fencing through Know Your People (KYP). You will need to apply to BF to start the process using this form: New DBS Check Request

BF will send you a link to start the check by email. You will then have the opportunity to undertake document verification in one of three ways. Click here to learn mroe about the change of process.


 I’m in Scotland. How do I renew my PVG check? 

Scottish Fencing will deal with your PVG check and updated us on your status. Then we can update your record on the Coach Register. You can contact Scottish Fencing here.  


Where can I find more information about coaching courses? 

New courses are advertised on the Upcoming Courses page. We also have an expression of interest form you can submit to let us know what course you are looking for and in which area.  


Is it possible to organise a coaching course for my club? 

Yes. Please contact BF’s Business Administrator for more information. 


Can I be a BF registered coach if I have an overseas coaching qualification? 

Yes. First, we need to check that your overseas coaching qualification is compatible with the BF Coaching Framework. The steps you need to follow are listed here.  


Do I need to renew my BF coaching qualification? 

No. Coaching qualifications issued under the current BF Coaching Framework do not have an expiry date. (Older BF qualifications used to).   

BF coaching qualifications issued before the current Coaching Framework was adopted are considered compatible with the new framework and don’t need to be renewed anymore.  



Will I be removed from the Coach Register if I don’t complete my Coach Profile until January 2021?  

You will not be removed from the register, but you will not appear online on the new system until the steps above are completed.


How do I create my Coach Profile? 

You can create a Coach Profile by completing your Coach Profile on your Sport80 member account. There is a ‘how to’ guide here. 

You will also need to ensure that: 

  1. You have an active BF membership 
  2. Check that your coaching qualification certificates have been uploaded
  3. Your SPC and First Aid certificate/declaration are valid and uploaded to Sport80 
  4. Your criminal record check is valid and registered on Sport80 


What does a Coach Profile look like on the new Coach Register? 

Each registered coach will have their own Coach Profile that will appear on the Coach Register with a profile picture. When a user clicks the profile, they will be directed to an individual page with information about the registered coach. You can choose what will be displayed on your Coach Profile (profile picture, contact details, a short presentation of who you are as a coach, etc). Here is an example of a good Coach Profile.  


Please consult this page first before contacting us. Questions not answered here can be emailed to [email protected].


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